Second Update from LST Team in Recife

Brenda shares:
I have gotten to know my students for the first week. We got to talk and read our studies from Luke. They are all doing very good. Douglas was the most impressive because he seemed to be slow understanding but he is coming along very well.

The family we are staying with is great and very loving. They can’t do enough in trying to make us feel welcomed and feel at home. We all went to a Sao Joao (St. John) event Friday night and I got some good pictures. “The Party of Sao Joao” is a very cultural celebration in Northeastern Brazil.

We went with Mike and Aureni Pruitt to where Josh Pruitt, our missionary host and their son, is helping at a youth retreat about an hour from where we live. I was impressed with the youth because they were hanging around talking, teasing each other and playing games just like American teenagers do.

Tracy shares:
Yes, the second week. Hard to believe it but it is true. As is quite true for Brazil, we already had a holiday to celebrate that “cut” into our reading and social event/party time. Nothing was scheduled for LST on Saturday as it was their Sao Joao (St John the Baptist) celebration, which is a big deal in the northeastern part of Brazil. (I am definitely learning different culture from a different part of the country.)

One of my favorite reader stories has to do with a young lady, Catarina, who is reading with both Arturo and me. Although she was baptized as a baby in the Catholic church because her mother wanted that done, she has not had religious instruction from her parents. Her dad is an anthropologist without a religion who wanted his children to be able to decide for themselves when they got older. Well, Catarina went home from one of her reading sessions last week and asked her mother why she had never been told about Luke! Also, she said she had never been interested in reading the Bible yet had been finding herself looking through her Luke workbook while at work….a place where only one person claims to be a Christian. Arturo and I sense her heart is wide open right now so we are glad she is spending time with both of us.

Brenda and I got to participate in the “Beach Ministry” the youth at the Boa Vista (Good View) congregation has every Sunday night. (Our Rio Team always joked about having a beach ministry in Rio but it really happens here!) In fact, the young man who gave the devotional talk is a disciple today because of this beach ministry. Not only was it amazing to be sitting on the Boa Viagem (Good Trip) beach at high tide on a Sunday night, but more amazing was the fact the young people have been doing this for a while. Maybe that would get some of League Street’s youth interested in an LST project next year in Recife!

Favorite moment as a team? I really enjoy eating lunch together at a nearby Baptist seminary cafeteria where we’ve had School of the Bible workers, readers, church members, Josh and Aureni Pruitt join us at various times. We have time to visit, process, laugh and learn more about Brazil – relaxed, comfortable and healthy; Spiritual, physical and mental nourishment.

Josh, our missionary host, said this was the rainy season. He wasn’t kidding! Yet it always warms up and the sun shines as well each day. Oh, well, my hair looks frizzy rain or shine.

It’s late so we’ve off to bed – well, actually, Brenda is already snoozing.
Thanks for reading,
Brenda and Tracy

Father, I thank you for such competent teammates, missionary hosts, LST folks, School of the Bible workers, and host families. You have poured rich blessings on us from these people. Continue to move mightily in the hearts of all readers throughout the world, but especially in Recife. Grow the seeds being planted in all these readers’ hearts. Your Will be done. Through Jesus, Amen.

The second week of LST here in Recife ended with a TexMex party for the students. See the picture above. To read the first update from the LST team click here.