Sowing seeds through the School of the Bible

The School of the Bible started 2014 in high gear offering 13 courses to the public, teaching both the Bible and English as a second language using the Bible. This year we decided to strengthen our focus on the students who are truly seeking a deeper relationship with God. We offer all students personal Bible studies outside of the classroom in the hopes that some will be willing to study and become a disciple. In this manner, we hope to connect every seeker who attends our classes to a brother from the church who can share with them the Gospel and attend to their personal needs.

I have had the privilege of studying every Sunday morning for the past few weeks with three of these seekers: Emerson, Sergio and Adriana. It is encouraging to see them wrestle with their doubts and fear as they feel increasingly called to God. Please pray that we are able to help them grow closer to Christ and to become true disciples.

We ended this first period two of weeks earlier due to the Carnaval season that interrupts most of our normal activities. At the end of each period we hold a certificate ceremony on a Sunday morning just before our worship aseembly. We were blessed to have 29 first-time visitors (friends and family of those graduating), not including the other visitors who have attended before. The fields are truly ready for harvest!
See more photos of the event here.

See more photos of the event here.

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