Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

Finally that special afternoon had arrived. We have been waiting anxiously for this day. The teddy bears were all ready to be delivered into the hands of the children. Each bear was protected inside a plastic bag and tied by a big colorful ribbon.

A few ladies here in Recife work every Wednesday afternoon at our church making these precious gifts. Only four of us were allowed to make the visit. And only two at the time could go inside the hospital’s rooms to visit the children and deliver our special presents. So we took turns. We went in every room of the oncology pediatric area of a nearby hospital. Boys and girls of different ages are hospitalized there undergoing different forms of cancer treatment. Some of them will recover, some will not. All of them, along with their families, are suffering. There isn’t much we can do. We know that. But just being there is a privilege. Witnessing a little smile as they look at their new bear friends is our reward. We were touched by their struggle and their hope to overcome this terrible illness.

Our hope is not in this life. Even when we recover from one illness, there will be more to overcome. Our hope is in Jesus and in his promise to us. All of the suffering will go away one day. Forever! This hope is the treatment we need.

We ask God that through the suffering these kids and their families receive also, if they haven’t yet, the treatment that works 100% of the time. May salvation, comfort and hope fill their hearts and their minds when the Doctor of doctors arrives with the best news of all!


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