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Students graduate from the School of the Bible


Last week marked yet another graduation for our School of the Bible students. We are at the end of our second trimester and will soon begin our third. Here are some numbers for our School of the Bible ministry: We offer about six live Bible courses in Portuguese and five in ESL (English as Second […]

Then how much more


I can’t really say what my favorite book of the Bible is when it comes to reading. I guess it depends on my mood. However, I can identify the Book of the Bible I most like to teach. It is the Gospel according to the Apostle Paul; you know it as the Letter to the […]

The fields are ready for harvesting now!

The fields are ready for harvesting now!

A week ago Sunday morning was the completion ceremony for this term of the School of the Bible. This ministry offers Bible courses to the public in a school-like setting where they can seek the answers to their questions about God and His will for their lives. Courses normally meet once a week for eight […]