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From the pews to the streets

Tempo para Deus 013

Here is a report written from a brother in the downtown congregation regarding our communitywide campaign in July, where many from the church went out into the streets handing out tracks, meeting new people and inviting them to hear about God’s word: My mom used to say “one hand washes the other and with both […]

Campaign: Time for God

Boa Vista church at Time for God

Have you given some time to God? This is the question we will be asking people who live in the residences surrounding the Boa Vista congregation. Our church is located downtown, surrounded by many businesses, and we noticed that most of our members live or have moved to other neighborhoods. Our goal is to have […]

Jonathan goes to Boston

Jonathan goes to Boston

A newsletter from Jonathan: College: I am in my sophomore year at ACU studying criminal justice. Last month was our school’s biggest event, which is called Sing Song (www.acu.edu/singsong). In it the men’s and women’s social clubs, as well as the mixed voices groups (usually a class) compete for the best song medley. I was […]