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He appointed twelve that they might be with him

Training seminar 01Nov13

Last weekend was a two-day seminar for church leaders on how to more effectively train leaders in our congregations. It was held at a hotel not far from the Boa Vista (downtown) church building and was taught by veteran missionaries Jerry and Gail Heiderich from the south of Brazil. They are both trained family counselors […]

Enhancing our Coping


Have you noticed that most of the people to whom you’re closest don’t have the same temperament as you? This month, Jerry Heiderich, longtime missionary and counselor serving the Lord in the south of Brazil made the trek up here to teach a seminar for men. Fifty church leaders came from fourteen congregations to learn […]

Improving our care for God’s flock


Immediately afterwards was the first “Elder-Link” in Northeast Brazil. This four-day event saw seventy-two church leaders (most of them couples) come from twenty-two congregations. Some drove 1,400 miles (roundtrip) to participate. The stats that were announced at the event are that there are now 135 congregations in the Northeast (this is up from zero 31 […]

Increasing our outreach to the lost


Last week veteran missionary Alan Nalley came with his family from Curitiba in the far south of Brazil to teach a seminar on small group evangelism. Fifty-two church leaders came from fourteen different congregations to gleam from his experience on how to more effectively reach the lost in the time God has given us here.