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Teaching more than English

Maria, Ester and family

Maria and her family were interested in learning English. After all, knowing English as a second language may give her the edge at her job, and also help her girls at school. So she decided to take English classes at the School of the Bible. It was through this contact that her family came to […]

New Classes at the School of the Bible


The first semester of the School of the Bible is well on its way. We have many students enrolled and who are eager to learn the word of God. The School of the Bible is one of the main ways we reach out to the community around us. We offer many courses that help seekers […]

Brazil Mission Week 1

Brazil Mission Week 1

A group of four students from Lubbock, Texas were part of a two week mission trip in Recife. Briana, Monica, Alex and Dylan had set in their hearts to journey to Brazil. They met up at a college ministry called Christ in Action, and under the guidance of David Pounds, they planned and packed their […]