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Jonathan’s experience in Recife

Get-together with English students

During the month of June, three university students from Austin, TX, Jonathan Rodriguez, Steven Earnest and Briannon Trimm, spent the month teaching the Bible in English. This is a great experience for anyone wanting to visit Brazil and engage immediately in evangelism. They were able to share theirs lives and communicate the Gospel. We had around […]

A life well lived and a life that was lost

foto de reis

(Monday we buried a beloved brother – Antonio Reis. He was a member of the church for 25 years and a deacon for 15. He was only 67 years old but had congestive heart failure. He is survived by his wife of 45 years, his four children and many grandchildren. At his funeral the room was overflowing […]

Great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus


Last week we rejoiced with Rogerio and Cristina as two of their family were baptized. Rogerio is one of the recently appointed deacons. His sister Francira (50) and his mother D. Jacira (77) live with them (pictured in the blue baptismal clothes). They have been attending church regularly and Rogerio and his wife Cristina (red […]

Teaching them to observe all things

Carol Aureni Rebeca

The two girls in this photo are Carol and Rebeca. Their aunt Noemia, a good friend of mine, started taking them to church last year. They were very shy at first because they didn’t know anybody at church. It didn’t take very long for our teens to make them feel welcomed. Soon they found out about our Teen Camp […]