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Maria: A Christmas Gift


On Christmas Eve at 4 pm. I finally finished preparing our Christmas dinner and was concerned because I still hadn’t accomplished my Christmas “mission”, which consisted of each family member helping someone in need and then bringing the story to share around the dinner table. So, after setting the table I went out. It was […]

A new addition to the family


We have a baby on the way! Lívia and I are happy to announce a new addition to our family: Alice Pruitt. Lívia is nearing her 7th month in the pregnancy and we couldn’t be more excited. Everything is going well and it looks like we will have a big energetic baby pretty soon! This […]

God’s Not Dead, Are You?

2015 Acampateen Campers & Workers

This July we held the annual retreat for youth in the congregations of Recife and neighboring cities. We had 65 teens, and 35 helping brothers and sisters, spend four days learning more about what it means to follow and serve a living God. The theme was based on a well known apologetics book and movie “God’s Not Dead”. […]

Jonathan’s experience in Recife

Get-together with English students

During the month of June, three university students from Austin, TX, Jonathan Rodriguez, Steven Earnest and Briannon Trimm, spent the month teaching the Bible in English. This is a great experience for anyone wanting to visit Brazil and engage immediately in evangelism. They were able to share theirs lives and communicate the Gospel. We had around […]