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My trip to Jonathan’s graduation

In December I received a very special gift. I had the privilege of attending my youngest son’s graduation in Texas. For me, who has a fear of flying, lives far away in Brazil and hasn’t traveled overseas by myself in 32 years, it wasn’t very easy. However, my desire to be with Jonathan, 23, at […]

Watching them grow (Teen Camp 2012)


If you have ever been in a house with a lot of teens then you probably know how noise things can get. Well, imagine 80 of them together – how active things can get! Every July for the past 12 years we organize our Teen Camp, and this year we had eighty teens coming together […]

Growing into Christ

Growing into Christ

I am so pleased with the youth of our congregation. They are so excited about their life in Christ. They love to be in the company of other Christians. It is very common for them to go to worship Sunday morning, eat lunch together at a small nearby mall if they have money, if they […]