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Elicamp: My peace I give you


Another training opportunity the church leaders in this region have is called ELICAMP. It’s a semiannual event held once a year in Recife and the other time at a different city around the Northeast. This month it was held in Recife with 44 participating representing 20 congregations across the region. The theme this time was “Jesus’ […]

Civilizing our fighting


Jerry stayed over to teach our Servants meeting on “How to fight safely” (discovering your style of confrontation). His lesson helped us to learn how to have “healthy” arguments. Not that he advocates fighting, but when problems have to be resolved, we need to know how to express deep felt emotion without leaving “scars”. Sixty-five […]

Regrets, remorse and repentance


This month’s ‘Servants’ meeting featured a message by veteran missionary Joe McKinney. The lesson was entitled “Regrets, remorse and repentance of an old church worker”. He began by relating an interview he read in a magazine of a man dying of AIDS. The man was asked, “If he had his life to live over again, […]