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A weekend to remember


I had a very enjoyable weekend with the congregation at the city of Belo Jardim, about 90 miles west of Recife. The young adults of the congregation planned a campaign over the weekend to invite their neighbors to a special meeting on Saturday night. We walked all over the city handing out invites. We also […]

What a day of rejoicing that will be!

Family of God (18Aug13)

We had a small sampling of that great day last Sunday. It was the Day of the Family of God assembly. This is an annual event where all the congregations in Greater Recife come together for celebration, commemoration and fellowship. We sing praises to God in a mighty chorus; we break bread together as one […]

Civilizing our fighting


Jerry stayed over to teach our Servants meeting on “How to fight safely” (discovering your style of confrontation). His lesson helped us to learn how to have “healthy” arguments. Not that he advocates fighting, but when problems have to be resolved, we need to know how to express deep felt emotion without leaving “scars”. Sixty-five […]

Progressing in our marriages


The following week we had our biggest couples’ meeting of 2011. Forty-two couples from half a dozen nearby congregations (plus several visitors) came. David and Adriana McKinney, who work with the church in the city of Joao Pessoa (two hours North), came down to teach the classes. They taught on problem resolution in the relationship. […]