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Elicamp: My peace I give you


Another training opportunity the church leaders in this region have is called ELICAMP. It’s a semiannual event held once a year in Recife and the other time at a different city around the Northeast. This month it was held in Recife with 44 participating representing 20 congregations across the region. The theme this time was “Jesus’ […]

Students graduate from the School of the Bible


Last week marked yet another graduation for our School of the Bible students. We are at the end of our second trimester and will soon begin our third. Here are some numbers for our School of the Bible ministry: We offer about six live Bible courses in Portuguese and five in ESL (English as Second […]

As you did it to one of the least of these…


The “Bread Ministry” is one of the evangelistic/benevolence ministries of the church here that ministers to the people who live on the street. Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening a meal is distributed in the city square and a worship service is held. The big annual give-away to the Bread Ministry people was held last […]

Teaching more than English

Maria, Ester and family

Maria and her family were interested in learning English. After all, knowing English as a second language may give her the edge at her job, and also help her girls at school. So she decided to take English classes at the School of the Bible. It was through this contact that her family came to […]