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A brand new look!


Our site has been under maintenance for the past few months. It shouldn’t have taken this long, but with the work that never stops and certain technical issues to overcome, things took longer than expected. Now we have a new website finally up, and we hope that this will serve us well for a long […]

Four visitors become family


In May we received four students from OSU through a program that teaches the Bible in English called LST (Let’s Start Talking). The four students that came were Stephen, Mary, Becca and Scarlett. They arrived with the mission of teaching the Bible in English through personal weekly meetings during their stay of six weeks. And […]

As you did it to one of the least of these…


The “Bread Ministry” is one of the evangelistic/benevolence ministries of the church here that ministers to the people who live on the street. Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening a meal is distributed in the city square and a worship service is held. The big annual give-away to the Bread Ministry people was held last […]