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Students graduate from the School of the Bible


Last week marked yet another graduation for our School of the Bible students. We are at the end of our second trimester and will soon begin our third. Here are some numbers for our School of the Bible ministry: We offer about six live Bible courses in Portuguese and five in ESL (English as Second […]

Who is God?

Who is God

This period in the School of the Bible I’m teaching a course (in Portuguese) entitled “Advanced Theology”. There are ten students. Of these, three are church members and the rest are visitors from the community. The class is called “Advanced Theology” because the other Theology class is called “Basic” (I think calling them 1 and […]

New English classes at the School of the Bible

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Carlos has no church. In fact he is turned off by churches from previous bad experiences. If you offered Carlos a Bible study, he would reject it without thinking twice. How are we to reach out to people like Carlos? Continue reading and you will see something we are trying. This year the School of […]