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Refocusing on our mission


What is our mission and how can we make changes in our life this year to point us in the right direction? It is so easy, in the midst of everything that is going on with our busy lives, to feel like we are slowly losing focus of our purpose or losing our grasp of […]

Alex’s first impressions


Note: Alexandra, 18, is the granddaughter of my first cousin. She’s fresh out of high school, works as a technician in a hospital and preparing to go to college in January. I’d never met her until she contacted me recently saying she’d like to visit because she’s considering doing mission work. It was a blessing […]

When the wicked rule, the people groan


My friends, what you are seeing on TV about Brazil is true. One of the most peaceful countries in the world got sick and tired of our corrupt government. The World Cup’s huge fancy first-world stadiums built with people’s money while our public schools and hospitals are falling apart was one of the main triggers […]

New English classes at the School of the Bible

2012-09-05 20.01.41

Carlos has no church. In fact he is turned off by churches from previous bad experiences. If you offered Carlos a Bible study, he would reject it without thinking twice. How are we to reach out to people like Carlos? Continue reading and you will see something we are trying. This year the School of […]