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Refocusing on our mission


What is our mission and how can we make changes in our life this year to point us in the right direction? It is so easy, in the midst of everything that is going on with our busy lives, to feel like we are slowly losing focus of our purpose or losing our grasp of […]

Second Update from LST Team in Recife


Brenda shares: I have gotten to know my students for the first week. We got to talk and read our studies from Luke. They are all doing very good. Douglas was the most impressive because he seemed to be slow understanding but he is coming along very well. The family we are staying with is […]

Updates from our LST team

LST team visits Recife

Just about a week ago (mid-june), we were headed to the airport to pick up three visitors who were ready to serve in foreign soil: Arturo, Tracy and Brenda. They were trained by LST (Let’s Start Talking) a program that equips English speaking Christians to travel abroad to teach English to the community. One week […]