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Soldiers of Christ

armor of god

Are you ready for the spiritual battles? Every year in the northeast of Brazil we have a special event called Mega Encontro de Jovens (Great Youth Gathering). While we have several youth gatherings throughout the year, there is something special that makes this one unique: Most youth events are hosted by some of our older […]

Second Update from LST Team in Recife


Brenda shares: I have gotten to know my students for the first week. We got to talk and read our studies from Luke. They are all doing very good. Douglas was the most impressive because he seemed to be slow understanding but he is coming along very well. The family we are staying with is […]

A busy month – rain, seminar and retreat!

A busy month - rain, seminar and retreat!

Our rainy (“winter”) season has officially started. We’ve had several days of torrential rain this month (over two feet this month, the rainiest April since 1911). Too bad we don’t get cooler weather; it’s just hot and rainy. With many of our streets flooded during the last few days, some people avoid leaving home. You […]

“Acampateen” Teen Camp (p. 2)

“Acampateen” Teen Camp (p. 2)

It wasn’t the fun videos, wacky games, or thematic dinners that had the strongest impact on the campers. What kept them talking for weeks on after was a special skit called Judgment House. Traditionally, on the second night of camp we would set up a haunted house where kids would have to find their way […]