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New Graduates at the School of the Bible


We just finished a our last few courses for the year. During the month of November, we offered three intensive four-week long courses with around 40 students in attendance. Personally, I enjoy having fewer students around the school as I have the opportunity to grow closer to them. I had the opportunity to get to […]

Increasing our outreach to the lost


Last week veteran missionary Alan Nalley came with his family from Curitiba in the far south of Brazil to teach a seminar on small group evangelism. Fifty-two church leaders came from fourteen different congregations to gleam from his experience on how to more effectively reach the lost in the time God has given us here.

Hodos: an experiment in small group spirituality

Hodos: an experiment in small group spirituality

What do decisions, addiction, self-esteem, pornography, doubts, and the Sermon on the Mount have in common? They are all topics that we frequently discuss in our spiritual small group for guys. As a congregation grows and reaches a certain size, we rejoice that many are hearing and receiving the Good News, but we also begin […]