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Celebrating the Ressurection

Celebrating Christ the Lamb

The Easter holiday is celebrated in Brazil much like it is in the US: Supermarkets are flooded with chocolate goodies and Easter bunnies become the most popular celebrities. Brazilians go out of their way to buy expensive chocolate eggs to remind their loved ones that they are special. In the midst of the rush and […]

The Woman Warrior


Maria was sexually abused as a child, rejected by her mother she lived in the streets for some time of her life. Later she married a man with alcohol problems that couldn’t be faithful to her. That situation brought many problems to her life including health problems. Later she got divorced. If I stopped this […]

“Acampateen” Teen Camp (p. 2)

“Acampateen” Teen Camp (p. 2)

It wasn’t the fun videos, wacky games, or thematic dinners that had the strongest impact on the campers. What kept them talking for weeks on after was a special skit called Judgment House. Traditionally, on the second night of camp we would set up a haunted house where kids would have to find their way […]