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Emotion in the baptistry


This is a picture of Tatiana’s baptism. Tatiana (30) came to visit us with her Christian friend Rose. She had been reading the Bible for some time and was very hungry to understand better the word of God. She reminded me so much of the Eunuch reading the prophet Isaiah (Acts 8). She asked if […]

Sara, Janete and Safira’s New Beginning


I first met Safira when she was a student at my Saturday English course. She was shy and reserved, but little did I know the impact she would have for the kingdom in the lives of those around her. Here I’ll share the details of her story as told by her: I met the church of Christ in […]

The Rich Man and Lazarus


This month the church in Recife’s western suburb of Camaragibe celebrated their 26th anniversary. They had a special worship assembly Sunday night to commemorate. There were 112 in attendance overflowing their small building, which is home to about forty members. They had sixty chairs set out which filled their small auditorium. Many had to participate […]

Why we come to Jesus?

Small group

Galego and Andrea are a nice couple who have spent the last several years of their lives busily raising their four handsome boys. Life has been good but it has keep them too busy to think about much else than the immediate needs for their family. As the boys entered adolescence it became apparent that […]