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Refocusing on our mission


What is our mission and how can we make changes in our life this year to point us in the right direction? It is so easy, in the midst of everything that is going on with our busy lives, to feel like we are slowly losing focus of our purpose or losing our grasp of […]

Elicamp: My peace I give you


Another training opportunity the church leaders in this region have is called ELICAMP. It’s a semiannual event held once a year in Recife and the other time at a different city around the Northeast. This month it was held in Recife with 44 participating representing 20 congregations across the region. The theme this time was “Jesus’ […]

Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

bears 0913

Finally that special afternoon had arrived. We have been waiting anxiously for this day. The teddy bears were all ready to be delivered into the hands of the children. Each bear was protected inside a plastic bag and tied by a big colorful ribbon. A few ladies here in Recife work every Wednesday afternoon at […]

What a day of rejoicing that will be!

Family of God (18Aug13)

We had a small sampling of that great day last Sunday. It was the Day of the Family of God assembly. This is an annual event where all the congregations in Greater Recife come together for celebration, commemoration and fellowship. We sing praises to God in a mighty chorus; we break bread together as one […]