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A New Phase for the School of the Bible

Our first Theology course students studying the Old Testament.

The School of the Bible is entering a new phase. As you may know, the school has been one of our main outreach efforts in the city of Recife, making Bible classes available for the community since 1982. And it has become the main focus of my ministry here over the past couple of years. […]

He appointed twelve that they might be with him

Training seminar 01Nov13

Last weekend was a two-day seminar for church leaders on how to more effectively train leaders in our congregations. It was held at a hotel not far from the Boa Vista (downtown) church building and was taught by veteran missionaries Jerry and Gail Heiderich from the south of Brazil. They are both trained family counselors […]

Craig from LST visits Recife


This week, Craig Altrock, director at Let’s Start Talking (LST), came down to Recife for a quick visit. Craig follows up on several mission sites that are planning on hosting LST in the near future. LST is an organization that sends Christians throughout the world to build relationships and share their faith through one on […]

A busy month – rain, seminar and retreat!

A busy month - rain, seminar and retreat!

Our rainy (“winter”) season has officially started. We’ve had several days of torrential rain this month (over two feet this month, the rainiest April since 1911). Too bad we don’t get cooler weather; it’s just hot and rainy. With many of our streets flooded during the last few days, some people avoid leaving home. You […]