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The Rich Man and Lazarus


This month the church in Recife’s western suburb of Camaragibe celebrated their 26th anniversary. They had a special worship assembly Sunday night to commemorate. There were 112 in attendance overflowing their small building, which is home to about forty members. They had sixty chairs set out which filled their small auditorium. Many had to participate […]

Enriching our fellowship


Last week was our annual Day of the Family of God. On this Lord’s Day most of the congregations in Greater Recife don’t congregate in their regular meeting places but come together for one big worship assembly. It was held at the Police Academy in the center of town. Antonio Silva, evangelist with the Pexinhos […]

What is “Congresso”?

What is "Congresso"?

What is “Congresso”? For some, it is the Portuguese word for an assembly of politicians to discuss and pass laws, like the English word Congress. However, for the church here, it means a yearly event that provides the brethren with an opportunity to spend four days together in fellow-ship with loved ones they don’t see […]