Teaching them to observe all things

The two girls in this photo are Carol and Rebeca. Their aunt Noemia, a good friend of mine, started taking them to church last year. They were very shy at first because they didn’t know anybody at church. It didn’t take very long for our teens to make them feel welcomed. Soon they found out about our Teen Camp and wanted to participate. The loved the camp.

Due to their growing interest in knowing more about the Bible I set up a weekly Bible study with them. After a couple of months of these weekly studies they were baptized. But our meetings still takes place every week. I would like to point out the importance of follow up Bible study. It is so common after someone is baptized to let them go on their own. As long as we see them coming to church activities we feel satisfied. I firmly believe that this is not enough. They need one-on-one time.

It is in these one-on-one times together that we can detect difficulties, doubts, weakness that need to be taken care of. It is in the intimacy generated by time spent together sharing our Christian experience that we best equip them for the challenges of the faith this world give. And we can help them to make healthy decisions based on the Book of Life.