Uniting Faith and Friendship: Reflections on the 25th Annual Teen Camp

This year, the 25th annual Teen Camp welcomed 82 young people, aged 13 to 17, and an additional 35 helpers—including organizers, teachers, chaperones, and cooks—for a 4-day event. Representatives from many congregations across the region attended, along with several visitors.

Joshua initiated this event during his high school years. Aureni and I assisted him for many years, and now, two sets of deacons, Marcio & Roberta and Caike & Roberta, from the downtown church, are doing an excellent job organizing it. Aureni and I spent one day there, as the organizers requested an elder’s presence each day. The location was a small ranch belonging to Aureni’s cousin, just outside the city.

Following the camp, the coordinators organized a Teen Camp Reencounter at the church building two Sundays later. Seventy-five teens participated in this one-day event, filling the downtown church’s auditorium to capacity. The primary goal was to encourage visiting teens to familiarize themselves with the brethren and establish a connection with the church. The group spent the afternoon engaging in Bible study and activities at the church building.

During the camp, many teenagers experienced deep, transformative encounters with God. The worship sessions were particularly impactful, leading to renewed commitments to their faith. In the days after the camp, three young people made the decision to be baptized, while many others reaffirmed their commitment to their spiritual paths.

In addition to fostering spiritual growth, Teen Camp 2023 also promoted the development of friendships among young Christians, extending beyond the immediate event.