That the world may know that You sent Me: Day of the Family of God

The annual Day of the Family of God is the church’s most prominent gathering, a long-standing tradition that unites congregations from throughout the metropolitan area. This event offers a special time for brethren who don’t regularly worship at the same location to rekindle their bonds.

Anticipating a significant attendance this year, we secured a school featuring an 800-seat auditorium. However, this estimate turned out to be modest as 862 members from sixteen Greater Recife congregations attended. Observing such fervent participation was deeply moving, underscoring the community’s increasing spiritual cohesion and zeal.

Antonio Silva, an evangelist and elder from the Peixinhos congregation, was at the helm of organizing the event, ensuring a spiritually enriching experience for all. Ricardo Sobral, an evangelist from the Boa Viagem congregation, took the role of the main speaker. He underscored the critical importance of unity among the brethren, delving into the potency of unity and the imperative for members to support one another in their spiritual journey.