The fields are ready for harvesting now!

A week ago Sunday morning was the completion ceremony for this term of the School of the Bible. This ministry offers Bible courses to the public in a school-like setting where they can seek the answers to their questions about God and His will for their lives. Courses normally meet once a week for eight weeks. Most are composed of an equal mix of church members and visitors from the community.

Click here to see photos of the ceremony for those who completed one or more of the courses. They had an opportunity to be recognized by receiving a certificate. The students and their family and friends who came to the ceremony were invited to stay for church immediately following, which most did. Of note was the fact that there were 27 first-time visitors present at church. And that doesn’t include the visitors who have been coming.

The count was made by João, who is in charge of giving a Bible to each first time visitor and recording their name and address. He’s a very evangelistic brother, who is already being considered to be a deacon (he works with the Benevolence ministry) and may have the calling to be an evangelist.

During the invitation one of the students made the decision to become a Christian. Dona Amara lives nearby and has been taking courses at the School for a year. Two weeks earlier a young couple, Anderson and Leandra, who also study in the School of the Bible, were baptized into Christ. Praise our Lord for His Good News.