Their big day!

It was a summer afternoon. The big day had arrived! The bride and the groom looked so happy and excited! Everywhere we could feel that air of excitement, love, romance, simplicity and joy.

Under the trees, the white tables and chairs were set all dressed up in white and blue. Yellow flowers on little glass jars adorned them. At one side the traditional white wedding cake stood on top of an antique table, proudly protect by a heart shaped “wall” of chocolate cupcakes made by my sister Betinha.

Rattan white balls hung from a string around the tops of the mango trees. When the evening came they lit up and provided the lighting for the reception area. I made them and hung them up in the trees. They looked like moons floating above our heads! I personally loved them; it made all the effort worthwhile!

Of course as in all weddings, there were a few things that did not turned out exactly as we imagined but they were not enough to take away the bride and groom’s happiness and excitement.
Wicker baskets full of white daisies and yellow rose petals on the grass formed the pathway where Joshua and Lívia took their last walk as single people. The focus of the message was the prayers that both set of parents had prayed since Joshua and Lívia were babies. Eight couples were invited to be their bridesmaid and groomsmen. They all looked adorable! Justin and Jonathan, Joshua’s younger brothers, were some of them. We were very thankful that Jonathan could make the trip all the way from Texas to be with us on this special day!

Mike read a letter to Josh and Lívia’s father, Antonio, read a letter to her. This moment brought tears to many of us.

After the ceremony, everyone stayed for an endless buffet of Crepes and fruit juices.

Mike and I are especially thankful to God for this special moment and we are also proud of the choices Joshua and Lívia are making in life, especially the choice of letting God be the most important person in their lives. We also want to thank you all for the prayers, the gifts and the encouragement you have been to our family. I wish you all were here!

You can see more photos by visiting their site:

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