Update on the Venezuelan community

One of the Venezuelan refugees living here called me asking for our help. He said that his brother (Lindolfo) and family were stuck in the Northern state of Maranhão (a 36-hour bus ride). They were in desperate need and desired to move to be with his family here in Recife. Here he could join his elderly parents, two more brothers, and the rest of the group of Venezuelans who have been living in Recife for the past two years.

Lindolfo and his family left Venezuela to get away from the oppressive dictatorship of Maduro. Three hundred thousand of them have fled to Brazil looking for food, medicine, shelter, and the possibility of work. It hasn’t been easy.

Lindolfo left with his wife and two daughters. When they reached the city of Manaus in the Amazon, early in their journey, their oldest daughter, who was only seventeen, got sick and died. What an ordeal it has been for them! They lost everything they had in Venezuela, and then they lost their beloved daughter in Brazil. This happened two years ago.

With prayers and our help, Lindolfo, his wife, and their fourteen-year-old daughter made the trip to Recife last month with just a few hiccups along the way due to the language barrier. Thankfully, nothing that couldn’t be resolved by phone.

In Recife, we started looking for mattresses, a refrigerator, a stove, pots, sheets, and the basic things a small family would need. We were pleased with the generosity of our Christian family that helped us in this endeavor. Their family got together and helped to rent a small house for them. Just after moving in, heavy rains flooded their new home. But since they didn’t have much, they manage to pick up their few belongings and protect them from the water.

If they come to mind, please pray for these people. They sure need prayers.