Visiting the “Least of These”

Vale do Catimbau is a very impoverished region.

Members of the downtown congregation set out for a 5-hour trip into the interior of the state for our second SOS Sertão (SOS Hinterlands).

Our visits are to a small community in the Vale do Catimbau, a desert-like region quite isolated from the outside world.

Church members share blessings with needy families.

The village is very impoverished, without electricity, running water, grocery stores or medical facilities.

With every visit, we share the Gospel, and hand out Bibles, food, toiletries and toys. 

It is always a blessed experience for everyone involved. The church is encouraged by their stories and happy to extend a helping hand. We are touched by their meekness and gratitude. 

Team photo for SOS Sertão 2022.