Watching them grow (Teen Camp 2012)

If you have ever been in a house with a lot of teens then you probably know how noise things can get. Well, imagine 80 of them together – how active things can get!

Every July for the past 12 years we organize our Teen Camp, and this year we had eighty teens coming together to take part in this event..

The theme this year was Spiritual Warfare. And this was without a doubt our best camp so far. We had great themed dinners, encouraging messages, tons of fun activities, sports and a great time of fellowship.

Joshua and I have had the privilege of working in the coordination of this wonderful ministry that has really made a difference in the lives of many kids.

It is a lot of work to put this event together and we have the help of several people from church. Some help as cooks, others as counselors, others bring the lessons and at the end we have this wonderful time, which for some kids is the first contact they have with the church.

Besides being an entry door to the church, the camp also provides a time to renew friendships, make new friends, be introduced to spiritual truths and revive the faith of others.

At our follow up meetings a week or so after the camp we ask the campers what they liked and didn’t like about the camp. The most often mentioned negative points are: waking up early, washing pots and pans and washing the bathrooms (yeah, it isn’t only fun, they have to help out too!). Their favorite moments are usually the themed dinners, the messages, the talent show, and the haunted house.

I was asked the same questions too. For me, the negative part is that I usually get sick after the camp is over (exhaustion!) but the best part is that I see the kids that used to be campers in the past now being on the camp staff, bringing the lessons, leading songs, being counselors and just being wonderful servants of Christ helping other teens start their walk in the Lord.

Every year I tell myself, this is my last time as an organizer; I am getting too old for this. However, I just hate the idea of missing the sight of these kids being transformed right in front of my eyes. It is just amazing to see how much our “ex-campers” have grown in their faith and how dedicated they have become. It is just so good to be able to witness this. Please pray with me that God raises up more people to help continue this important mission that helps these kids find a better way- the only Way!