Elderlink 2013: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

We most often think of this question in regard to our job or family responsibilities. And it is good that we do. However, as servants of the King of kings and Lord of lord we have a greater responsibility to include in our plans. How do we see ourselves serving in the Kingdom of God ten years from now? This is the question we want the saints here to consider.

Our greatest need in this mission work that began 33 years ago in Northeast Brazil is mature, spiritual leadership for the congregations being planted. Of the more than one hundred congregations that have begun in this effort only two currently have elderships. A few more are in the process of forming, one being in the near future.

In an effort to raise awareness and teach how to train and prepare them for this service we began seminars a few years ago called Elder-Link. The third event was held this month at the church’s home for neglected children “Lar Mana” on the outskirts of Recife. There were 57 participating (including wives) from 14 of the congregations in Northeast Brazil.

The theme this year was “Coworkers with the Good Shepherd”. There were many good teachers with the keynote speaker begin Joe McKinney from Joelton, TN. He’s been an elder for 20 years and for 15 years prior to that was part of the original mission team to Recife. The lessons were great and the fellowship (as always) was even better.

The high point of the weekend for me was the assembly Sunday morning with the kids (about 30) present. Even though we slept in the same building complex we didn’t get to see much of them otherwise as they have their school and other duties. But at church they were always wanting our attention. They asked to write their names on our hands (and arms) and have us write our names on theirs. They are so emotionally needy that they desperately long for a connection with someone who cares for them. Please pray with us for these children.

Here is a photo with the children running around the auditorium: