Who is God?

This period in the School of the Bible I’m teaching a course (in Portuguese) entitled “Advanced Theology”. There are ten students. Of these, three are church members and the rest are visitors from the community.

The class is called “Advanced Theology” because the other Theology class is called “Basic” (I think calling them 1 and 2 might be better). The Basic Theology class is based on material from “Let the Bible Speak” series that the Sao Paulo mission team worked up many years ago. It deals with common church related subjects like; what is the Bible, what is the church, how to become a Christian, the Lord’s Supper, etc. I’m basing my course on “The Names of God” starting in Genesis and moving to Revelation.

I see God gradually reveling Himself by the use of descriptive names (The Creator, The God who see, The God who provides, etc.) in His dealings with humankind until we finally come to Jesus, who is His Perfect Revelation. I believe I see this happening in my own life as I (slowly) grow and mature in Him, I begin to see Him more clearly, as He really is. We start off seeing Him dimly, as through a polished surface as it were (1 Corinthians 13). As we are transformed more and more into His imagine, we begin to understand better and better Who He really is. What a wonderful adventure we have in Christ!