Why we come to Jesus?

Galego and Andrea are a nice couple who have spent the last several years of their lives busily raising their four handsome boys. Life has been good but it has keep them too busy to think about much else than the immediate needs for their family. As the boys entered adolescence it became apparent that their children needed more than what they were supplying.

Galego and Andrea were raised in the religion of their parents but didn’t have a real relationship with God. Something was missing from their lives. They’ve seen a change come over Galego’s brother Junior, ever since he became a Christian three years ago. Junior has been after them to study the Bible and come to church. They decided to go to church and began to study the Bible. Because Junior’s work keeps him on the road a lot, he introduces them to Ricardo, a longtime member and able teacher. A few months later they made the decision to turn their life over to the Lord and were born again from a watery grave.

They have found what was missing — a relationship with the life-giving Jesus. They want this for their family. So along with involvement in the Body of Christ, Ricardo and I began a small group Bible study in their home. Every week we discuss a parable of Jesus. Besides Galego, Andrea and their four boys (ages 17 to 11), Galego’s aunt and mother come as well.

Please pray with us that God’s call is answered in the lives of all the members of their family as it was in Galego’s and Andrea’s.

We come to Jesus to fill a need, but we find much, much more!