Children’s Home Update

You may have read my last update on The Lar Maná (Mana Home). It is the church’s children shelter. This shelter is a home to many boys and girls that were removed from different situations that were endangering their lives in different ways. The Lar Mana cares for them in the best way possible. There they are safe, and their basic needs are met. Here you can view a video that we’ve made to help share the home’s mission:

This is an incredibly valuable ministry they do there. During my recent visits to the home, I started to see how huge that job is. I began to realize how busy the workers there were with the daily routine and the physical and emotional demands of this type of work.

Children from Lar Mana headed to school

That is when I started to think of ways that I could help make the place a little better for the kids and the workers. I noticed that they didn’t have a suitable library for the kids. A place that was colorful and fun. A place where they could go and get encouraged to read, to dream and to forget some of the sadness they have experienced in their young lives. Besides the library, I saw that they needed help organizing the clothes, shoes, toys, baby furniture and other miscellaneous objects that they receive regularly as donations.

I love colors and I love paint. I also get very excited when a space is transformed and turns into a completely different place. I am also a fan of recycling and repurposing objects. So, I thought I could use these abilities at Lar Maná.

With the help of three workmen, we set out to create the new library and two rooms to stock the donations neatly.

It has been hard work, but I am so excited about this project. I am anxious to finish everything and have our inauguration day! I can’t wait to see the children’s eyes light up when they will finally be able to see and enjoy their new place!

Starting the renovation process

During the renovation process