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Our boys


It was great to have everyone at home for the holidays. It was the first time we were all together since July. Joshua, 27, finished his Masters in Biblical Interpretation at Lubbock Christian University last month. Most of it he did from Brazil online. However, he did have to go back in August to finish […]

A busy month – rain, seminar and retreat!

A busy month - rain, seminar and retreat!

Our rainy (“winter”) season has officially started. We’ve had several days of torrential rain this month (over two feet this month, the rainiest April since 1911). Too bad we don’t get cooler weather; it’s just hot and rainy. With many of our streets flooded during the last few days, some people avoid leaving home. You […]

“Acampateen” Teen Camp (p. 1)

"Acampateen" Teen Camp (p. 1)

July is a very busy month for everyone involved in any kind of youth ministry. While it is in the middle of summer time in the US, it is our winter break here. Kids get off one month from school. And it is during this month that we have the Acampateen – a large retreat […]